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Asian Handicap and 1X2 betting, which one is better?

Asian Handicap and 1X2 betting, which one is better?

This has come to a question of which is more beneficial. I won’t decide this though. Let’s take covered in pros and cons then you will be the one to choose.

Like I have mentioned in the previous article, 1X2 has drawn the attention of punters to choose one of the three (3) possible outcomes of a match. There is a Home, Away or Draw you have to choose. Your chance of winning would be divided into 3 in term of fairness though a strong has higher chance of winning. This won’t be the case as you know, the stronger team would get less winning amount if the team win. And it doesn’t mean stronger team will always win.

Furthermore, there is a draw you could bet. And if you choose either the stronger or the weaker team and the result is draw, you will lose all your stake. Unlike Asian Handicap, you will get back your money if the match is draw and the handicap is 0. You could get back some if the ticket is a loss half depending on the  Asian handicap and the result of that particular match.

There are still advantages and disadvantages. It’s just the matter of what you are on.

You might say Asian Handicap has more advantages such as you will win more or in full when you placed bet on the stronger team which bookmakers offer the handicap to justify the odd. But don’t forget the ‘handicap’, it is the one mattered to the result as well. Sometimes, it could affect your decision. And like I said in the other post, bookmakers will need to balance in between the odds and the stake.

Some punters prefer to take it easy by going for 1X2 Betting when they choose the stronger team to win, especially when they go for many folds (most commonly called ‘Parlay’ for Asia bookmakers (Reported from Trusted Site)

In conclusion, there is no one better than other, at least for me. It would be depending the situation and the thought you bring to the match you wish to bet on.

If you have the idea of which one you think better, let me know in the comment below.